IT Business Management
Gain financial insight into the cost of service delivery to better manage and understand demands, resources, and budgets. With more insight and visibility into your project and application portfolios you can decide where to invest to best support organizational goals.
Project Portfolio Management
Project prioritization and planning is simple, and you can track planned and unplanned work in one place. With agile management, testing, and collaboration tools, you'll improve productivity and service delivery.
Resource Management
It provides a consolidated view of staff availability, allocation, and capacities for all work tracked in any ServiceNow application, including projects, incidents, problems, changes, and even custom applications built on the Now Platform®.
Agile Development
Agile Development manages Scrum or Waterfall development and manages the backlog of tasks throughout the lifecycle—from inception through testing and deployment. Ultimately, you gain increased visibility into the entire software development lifecycle.
Application Portfolio Management
APM uses CMDB, discovery process, software asset management, and cost modeling to deliver a complete picture of the application portfolio.
Align IT
Align IT resources with strategy when you improve collaboration with stakeholders and manage business needs effectively.
Work Faster
Work faster with process automation that gives you the insight you need to avoid project delays.
Facilitate Ideation
Facilitate ideation with process automation that gives you the insight you need to avoid project delays.
Demand Understanding
Organize demand to better see overall demand for improved prioritization and strategic alignment.
Inspire Innovation
Encourage sharing of innovative, impactful ideas to increase employee engagement.
Reduce Application Costs
Lower app costs by eliminating dupes and focusing on the most efficient delivery methods and contracts.
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