In production, In real-time, & Over time
Undocumented dependencies and undetected vulnerabilities materially increase operational risk and significantly increase the cost and complexity of mitigating that very same risk.
Comprehensive Mapping
Generates a comprehensive map of runtime dependencies across your platforms.
Audit Trail
Follow the Audit Trail to see what changes were made to the system and when they were made.
Security features are available in an upcoming release.
Components of codelogic
Systems analysis over time reveals real-time changes
  • New or missing application components
  • Undocumented schema changes
  • API Library dependencies
  • Unauthorized data dependencies – implying access - to sensitive information stores with table and column precision
"What-if" modeling and analysis simulates
  • Isolation of production components as a precursor to migration or deprecation
  • Proposed systems changes in support of ITIL change request approval processes
  • Test plan documentation
  • Codelogic is built from the ground up to tackle one of the biggest problems in enterprise computing: the unknown and undocumented dependencies in today's large systems.
  • These unknowns are slowing you down and creating uncertainty at every point in the development lifecycle.
  • Codelogic discovers the applications and databases automatically. It maps the dependencies between them at every level of detail, down to the method and column.

  • Codelogic gives you the insight to plan, implement, and sustain software innovation.
  • If you're managing projects in a large, distributed enterprise, then you know what a challenge it is too confidently make even the simplest change.
  • Codelogics change assessment features probe the interrelationships among all your application databases so you can see instantly how any planned changes will affect the entire enterprise.
  • With Codelogic you'll make more accurate change assessments. You'll also deliver higher quality software with less risk of costly outages and other unintended consequences.
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