BECK Easy Map

The Beck Easy Map provides convenience to System Admins, Implementers and anyone that works with Incidents. It allows for quick and easy identification of all, Business Rules, ACLs, Client Scripts, UI Actions, and UI Policies that are associated with a form or particular field.
Beck easy Map Icon


UI Action will Query

A form level search UI Action will Query the relevant records and pass them forward to the Associated Items service portal page and display the category information in truncated view until hovered over, thereafter displaying the expanded view. For more detail the name columns also serve as links that if clicked will take the user to that specific record in the instance.


The roles and privileges of the user carry forward into the search results. If the user running a field or form search and does not have read privileges the results will be absent from the list. Similarly, for write privileges.
Beck Easy Map example

Unique and Helpful Functionality

The Beck Easy Map app delivers a unique and helpful functionality that is absent from ServiceNow’s already integrated assortment of tools. With the closest platform feature being the field watcher, which the administrator or developer needs to wait for watched element to be interacted with in order to make judgement on what could be conflicting. Easy Map gives a complete list of everything associated with both the specific field and form.