Security Operations Management

Identify, Prioritize, and Respond to Threats Faster! Connect your existing security tools to prioritize and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities quickly based on their potential impact to your business.



  • Security Incident Response

    Security Incident Response simplifies identification of critical incidents and provides workflow and automation tools to speed up remediation.

  • Vulnerability Response

    The Vulnerability Response application in Security Operations prioritizes vulnerable assets and adds context to help determine if business-critical systems are at risk.

  • Configuration Compliance

    Configuration Compliance prioritizes and remediates vulnerable misconfigured assets from third-party security configuration assessment scan data.

  • Threat Intelligence

    Share threat intelligence data with industry peers, suppliers, or a global circle of ServiceNow customers with Trusted Security Circles.


  • Respond Quickly

    Improve the speed and efficiency of your security response. With automation and orchestration, you can reduce the time spent on basic tasks.

  • Help Customers/Stakeholders Feel Secure

    Whether you are a retailer implementing a command center to prevent credit card data breaches or a financial or healthcare institution with physical security monitoring, a state of the art security operations center is a great way to show your customers and stakeholders that you take protection of their data and assets seriously.

  • Identify Threats Before They Become Critical Events

    Operators in a SOC consistently analyze activity across an organization's networks or facilities to manage threats and identify upcoming risks. The insight provided by a security operation center can play a pivotal role in preventing threats from manifesting.

  • Connect Security and IT

    Hand off tasks easily with a single platform across IT, security, and the business. Quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate changes that affect security and risk postures.

  • Simplify Investigations

    In the event of a critical incident, having the capabilities of a security operations center on hand can expedite the process of analysis. The comprehensive insights and ability to share data uniquely situate SOCs to not only help prevent threats but also thoroughly investigate incidents.

  • Continuous Protection

    Having a command center that monitors your network and/or facility 24/7 such as a security operations center or cybersecurity command center can prove vital to your organization.