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Rajesh Singh, a Senior Implementation Specialist at Cloudgo, provides a list of benefits per application level that gives a better view of the Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

As per ServiceNow, Project Portfolio Management helps you to

Aligns work to goals and strategy to ensure you work on the right projects Increases visibility with real-time dashboards and reporting

Provides faster time to value with greater team adoption However, I came up with detail list of benefits per application level, which can give 360 degrees view of product. Hope you will like it.

Innovation Management
Simple portal to submit Ideas.
Predictive intelligence ability to check for similar Ideas.
Ability to downvote, upvote and comment on submitted Ideas.
Ability to filter Ideas based on state and category.
Ability to sort Ideas by most recently submitted, most voted or created.
Intuitive UX to view related Ideas and Most voted Ideas.
Ability to create Demand, Project, enhancement, story and Epic directly from Idea.

Demand Management
Predictive intelligence ability to check for similar demands.
Ability for stakeholders to assess demands.
Assessment of Demand is done against Risk, Value, Cost and Strategic Alignment
Ability for Portfolio Manager to take decision on Demands based on assessments.
Ability for Demand Manager to get tentative or confirmed resource bookings.
Ability to Manage Risk, Issues, Actions, Decisions and Change Request in a better and systematic manner.
Display Demand in two and three-dimensional views.
Ability to create Projects, Epics, Stories, Features directly from Demand.
Integration of Demand application with all other PPM Applications.

Project Management
Predictive intelligence ability to check for similar projects.

Ability to create custom rate model at project-specific level.
Saving time on redundant tasks, like:-
Creating Demand to Project – all data gets auto copied, avoiding manual or duplicate work.
Automatically create Project tasks, in a given sequence, in the given format with given schedule duration and dependencies – just by one click using Templates.
Interactive and straightforward interphase for project planning.
Ability to Import Project Plan from MPP file.
Ability to export Project plan into Excel, MPP and XML format.
Ability to view Planned schedule, actual schedule and Baseline schedule on Planning console.
Ability to create agile backlog directly from Project for Sprint planning.
Project Workbench – One place to do A to Z project activities, like Project Analytics, Project Planning, Pending activities, Cost/Benefit analysis, Resource management, Financial management and Status report.
Ability to Manage Risk, Issues, Actions, Decisions and Change Request in a better and systematic manner.
Ability to perform Financial and Scheduling baseline.
Integration of Project application with all other PPM Applications

Resource Management
Resource Allocation workbench : Single Interphase to manage all kinds of Resource requests.
Ability to view all Resource Requests and its corresponding Resource availability on the same screen.
Ability to manage all kinds of resource requests from a single screen.
Ability to allocate resource for specific period.
Ability to replace resources while Project is in progress.
Ability to shift the allocation of resource to a future date.
Ability to retain resource plan when a project schedule changes.
Ability to view live reports of resource availability, utilization and allocation.
Ability to manage resource cost at Group, Role, Project and User level.
Ability to configure resource schedule based on factors like location, time zone, business hours, and holidays.
Integration of Resource application with Demand, Project, Calendar, Timesheet, Cost plan and Expense application.

Timesheet Management
Intuitive interphase to fill and approve a timesheet.
All the allocated and non allocated tasks are easily displayed on a timesheet screen for quick and easy filling.
Integration of timesheet with Project and Finance applications.

Portfolio and Program Management
Interphase to do forecast and budgeting for current & future fiscal years.
Bubble chart and timeline view available for Portfolio/Program Manager to compare Demand with Value, size, score, rank, cost, benefit, NPV, IRR, etc.
Intuitive interphase for Program/Portfolio manager to review resources and their utilization with respect to Demand.
Intuitive interphase for Program/Portfolio manager to approve or reject Demand accordingly.

……with additional features from Platform, makes ServiceNow PPM feature rich product.

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